Corporate Training

Indian organizations today, in addition to internal competition, are also facing intense competition from MNCs. This has in turn created the need for technically sound professionals with the requisite people management skills, effective communication skills, the ability to work in teams and strong interpersonal skills who in turn can be molded to be effective managers and also enable a person to move up the ladder.

Our aim is to create powerful learning experiences to bridge the gap between potential and high performance which contributes to an organization's success and sustainability.

Faculty Development

A workshop which helps Trainers /Professors to improve their educational skills, Scholarly activities, personal and professional development and communication skills.

The modules are the outcome of in-depth & wide range of studies, research and analysis. It’s not just training session. it’s the Evolution in Education.

Campus to Corporate

The students are exposed to an exhaustive Campus Recruitment Training. The objective of this training is to make the student employable and job ready. The training aims at aligning the student to the work culture of an organization. At the end of the training program following are the learning objectives accomplished:

Customised Adventure Outbound Workshops

Outdoor experiences are real teachers which provide a direct, do it yourself method of learning and takes the participants out of their comfort zone and provides a unique opportunity to acquire new levels of experiential knowledge.

These customized processes can be designed to meet corporate objectives such as team building, self-awareness work, people assessment for desired competencies, achieving organization specific objectives as per needs which may require complete customization.

The process would be based on experiential learning through outdoor activities and debriefs based on performance of the participants.

IMPRESSIONS: For Parents… By Parents

We are all aware of the fast pace in which the world is changing. Children are quicker, louder, tech savvier, smarter and angrier nowadays. They are way more demanding, assertive, wild, energetic, restless, irritable and mysterious than ever before.

Impressions-A Parenting workshop, designed by experts and delivered by trainers who have undergone an extensive training. Impressions helps parent understand a child’s changing needs and provides effective ways to address these needs. Both the parents are preferred for the workshop.

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